Soundtrack Sunday: Katamari Damacy

Soundtrack Sunday: Katamari Damacy

May 1, 2011

That bundle of crazy up there is Katamari Damacy, an awe-inspiring craze-fest on the Playstation 2 that later moved onto PSP, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Trying to describe this game is an almost impossible task. You push a ball around, and when it’s big enough items will stick to it, and the bigger the ball, the bigger the items that will stick to it. Yes, it may not sound like a great game but it is definitely a lot of fun (even the somewhat borked Xbox 360 game Beautiful Katamari is worth a look). Sadly, we’re not here to talk about the fantastic gameplay or the sometimes creepy but often hilarious story and characters, but instead we’re hear to talk music. The Katamari games have always had fantastic soundtracks, and the first game of the series is absolutely no exception. Look, some examples!

So what do you reckon? Enjoying your bank holiday with some acoustic guitars and synths? Wanting something a little more traditional from your Soundtrack Sundays? There’s a box for comments, it lives below. Befriend it, it will grant you wishes! …or conversely just shout abuse until I stop posting!

  • Divi

    Haha I love the Katamari Soundtracks as much as I do the games. There are quite a few good tracks but also some out of the park ones (like sunbaked savannah) xD Cool to see it added as a part of soundtrack sunday.

  • Daniel

    As much as I loved the aesthetic of the Katamari games, I’ll have to be honest that they bored me to tears gameplay wise.
    I know, I know, they’re not games, they’re toys. The script is witty and punchy, the music is lovely and the art is a joy.

    But God damn do I find them kinda boring.

    I don’t even know what it is? I guess it’s in the ‘toy’ aspect really. Not enough gameplay aside from “Haha, look at that silly thing” for me. Same with Nobi Nobi Boy., so I guess mine and Keita Takahashi’s views on what makes a game a game differ there.
    Luckily, the music is still ace!