[NEWS] Microsoft warn of potential phishing attacks

[NEWS] Microsoft warn of potential phishing attacks

Apr 27, 2011

Microsoft issue a warning to users.

As things with the PSN go from bad to worse it seems that Microsoft’s Live Service is having problems of its own. Looking at their status page Microsoft are issuing the following warning to Modern Warfare 2 players;

“Users may receive potential phishing attempts via title specific messaging while playing Modern Warfare 2.”

Infinity Ward have been quick to address the problem, their creative strategist Robert Bowling has said on twitter;

“We have a patch in the process of testing for release that should be out soon…”

Thankfully the service itself remains mostly unaffected with users still able to play other online games without issue.

While only the most foolish person would willingly give their details to someone over the Live service it is recommended that players remain vigilant.

  • http://indiegamesxbl.tumblr.com Annie

    I’ve always wondered why I never heard anything about that (in respect to XBL). Luckily I don’t play MW2. Huzzah!