[Friday Forum] Games That Deserve Sequels

[Friday Forum] Games That Deserve Sequels

Apr 1, 2011

Every Friday a group of editors and writers at We Are Arcade are going to answer the week’s hot question, like a big ol’ melting pot of opinion! As always though, we’re all about hearing from you, so please, feel free to leave your comments and answers in the comment box below (text, images, video, it’s all welcome!), as well as any suggestions for questions you’d like to see.

To kick this feature off, we figured we’d take a look at games that we wanted to see sequels to that just didn’t happen for one reason or another.

Elliot Newman, Deputy Editor
There are so many games that are obvious contenders for this question, like Shenmue III (not gonna happen), or something like a HD remake of Chu Chu Rocket, but my choice has to be UmJammer Lammy. Yeah, I know, predictable old me picking the same old choice, but I really wish I had more of this game!

Parappa the Rapper got a sequel (where he gets to ‘french’ the fries AND sweep the floors!), Vib-Ribbon lived on with pseudo-sequels in Japan, with games like Vib-Ripple, but we never got a second taste of Um Jammer action. She’s a lamb that plays guitar!

It’s always going to be unreasonable to expect people to buy that sort of game for full price (just take a look at Major Minor’s Majestic March for evidence of that), but with downloadable services and PSP, there has to be a platform for one of my favourite music games ever, right?

Jonathan Grier, News Editor

With regards to consoles and gaming I’ve always been living in the past.  By the time my friends had outfitted themselves with PS2′s I was still making the most of my Nintendo 64.  I wasn’t really bothered, none of my friends could enjoy the Legend of Zelda, Super Mario or Body Harvest.  This changed, however, when I visited one such friend and was introduced to a game named “Oni”.

We played it for hours, enjoying its perfect control scheme (bar trying to double tap forward on an analogue stick to sprint) humorous dialogue and intelligent cutscenes.  Long story short I got it shortly after on the PC and enjoyed every single second of playing through this wonder of a title.  One thing got to me once I’d finished it though…there’s no real closure.  Humanity may be saved via the Chrysalis but, as Konoko says, “the chrysalis will change us all, let’s hope it’s for the better” (if you haven’t played the game none of this will make any sense).

Given the jump in technology since the release of Oni there’s huge opportunity for a kung-fu ass-kick fest!  The original had some brilliant ways to destroy your enemies, you can grab someone by the head and swing yourself round by snapping their neck.  You can sneak up behind someone and literally snap their spine in an incredibly brutal looking way.  You can jump onto an enemies shoulders, do a spinning backflip and throw him (or her) into his (or her) friends.

Just try and tell me that this alone doesn’t make Oni deserving of a sequel.

  • Agamendon

    Secret of mana!!!

    They only made 2 for consoles and 1 for DS but I loved the first one, second one was okey, but mana is the game that opened my eyes to RPGs.

    After mana played secret of evemore, then FF then breath of fitre, and then a loads of rpgs, but i’d never have gotten into them without the original.

    • http://www.hamstapowah.com Zaron

      There’s a load more than three Mana games, it’s just that most of them aren’t that good.

      The GBA one (Sword of Mana) is a remake of the original on the first Game Boy, Secret of Mana is the second, and the sequel to that has a fan translation you can run via emulator called Seiken Densetsu 3. The official “fourth” one was Dawn of Mana on the PS2, which has some good points but is mostly garbage. The DS has Children and Heroes of Mana, the latter being a weird RTS thing and the former being a dungeon crawler with a strong multiplayer focus. The PSX title, Legend of Mana, is now available on PSN in the US, but I’m not sure about the UK as this is a recent thing, and is kind of a small-quest-based thing that’s pretty fun in spurts. There’s also one for some model of cell phone or other in Japan.

      If what you’re after is a traditional Mana, then, yes, you’re hurting for a true sequel, and you’ll be more so since after World of Mana (the five games released between Sword and Heroes within a few years of each other), the guy who’s been in charge of the series all along has meandered of to form his own studio, the sort of behavior Square sites as being why we’ll never get another Crono game either, as the team is spread too far apart or some nonsense.

      /random crap I know

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/tonyippee Tonyippee

    Streets of rage could do with a come back but if they did ever make a new one i just want them to take their time with it & do it properly! (unlike golden axe beast rider)

  • http://www.wearearcade.com Amanda

    Glad to see Prey 2 is in the works, and Portal 2 is getting within my reach. Was there ever a Toejam and Earl 2?… or a Ms PacMan 2?

  • http://wearearcade.com/members/elz/ Elliot

    Not only was there a TomJam and Earl 2, but there was a third one for Xbox! Never got chance to play it, still trying to track a copy down.

    I was so excited about Prey 2 until they came out and said that the portals and the gravity switching was gone… the two good things about Prey. Maybe it’ll be good but they’re changing a hell of a lot of the original formula…

  • http://wearearcade.com/members/andsy/ Andsy

    There was a ToeJam and Earl 2 on the MegaDrive, subtitled ‘Panic in Funkotron’ – As Elliot also mentioned, there was an abysmal 3rd installment on the OG xbox. Best left at that I fear.

  • http://wearearcade.com/members/andsy/ Andsy

    I’m not happy! Tony already mentioned mine! I want to see another Streets of Rage game released. But, I want it to follow the HD remake vein that alot of other franchises are doing,

    Music has gotta be done by Yuzo Koshiro once more, with some remade classics, and some awesome new sounds. Same with level design, revamped, few new stages, but keeping the same format.

    I guess we kinda have this in the form of the ‘Streets of Rage Remake’ – But I’d want something authentic. A revisit, refreshment of Streets of Rage 2 mainly, with a few extras.

    Oh, and Skate. Skate’s gotta have the same moveset as SoR2, not 3.

    • http://wearearcade.com/members/elz/ Elliot

      I’d be fine with a one-button iPhone game where instead of Canabalt with jumping, you have the police car come in from off camera and shoot massive rockets at the ground.

      Also, if Yuzo Koshiro does the soundtrack, he needs to forget that SoR3 exists and only look at the first 2. SoR3 has a horrible soundtrack.

  • http://petitesymphony.com/rascals Mastergodai

    Bayonetta Darksiders oh and The double dragon series could use a bit of a reboot

  • http://wearearcade.com/members/hanabidrift/ Hanabi Drift

    hmmmm, I don't know about sequels but I'd love a next generation console reboot of Seiken Densetsu 3, Parasite Eve (the original not the terrible sequels) or Final Fantasy 6.

    I could cream from just the thought of it >.<

  • http://wearearcade.com/members/hangman/ Hangman

    Oni is in great need of a revival, especially as it was made by bungie, imagine what they could do now!

  • http://wearearcade.com/members/sphinxviola/ Sphinx

    Oh, I’d love a Lost Odyssey sequel (prequel??). I still don’t know if Mistwalker do indeed have any plans for this.

  • http://twitter.com/melac_r Melac

    Um… Ristar. Weeeell, i always thought Sonic Unleashed should'a been Ristar, but it sucked. Mainly due to making it not ristar… and kind of an rpg.

    … most things that deserve sequels kin'a… get them, y'know? Apart from God Hand.

    What else… viewtifull joe 3 and the oddworld quintology as it was planned. (It was going to be abe's oddyssey, munch's odyssey, then… i forget the other 3 names) From wat i remember, in one, you'd be a slig (the wormy things with the robot legs and machine guns and then the helicopter things and grenade launchers in exodus) and the game'd have you switching suits through it, to fly, walk, use certain weapons, etc. Abe's exodus and Stranger's Wrath weren't in the original plans.

  • http://wearearcade.com/members/caely/ Caely

    I'd love to see a sequel to Bayonetta :3

  • Anonymous

    You know what would be awesome? A Drill Dozer sequel for the 3DS. Pokemon may be good, but Gamefreak can make other great games too, you know.

  • http://wearearcade.com/members/alexpappas/ Mr. AMP

    Their are quite a few games that deserve a sequel that I can think of off the top of my head. But then, there are quite a few games that do not. For example, Dark Star One: Broken Alliance.