[Indie Review] Antichamber – pc

[Indie Review] Antichamber – pc

Feb 26, 2013

Antichamber is a magnificently experimental and abstract game that shows its creator’s clearly inventive and brilliant mind off perfectly. Yet it’s a game that is self defeating on a number of levels.

Most importantly Antichamber is two things, an abstract first person exploration game and a creative puzzler built to test your understanding of the world and a 3d space.

It uses Non-Euclidean space and ideas to distort how the world works. Turning a corner can lead to an unexpected place or constantly turning to the right several times in a row can.




Head down a set of stairs and you might just be as likely to find yourself at the top of the same set of stairs again and again, over and over until you go back to where you came only to find it not as you remembered.

While the game encourages you to question logical conventions of the 3d space and test what is possible for you to do you can’t really question anything. At all times you are being lead down a distinct path. The game is constructed in such a way that you will always go where it wants, see what it shows you and do what it requires you to move on.



While the abstract obstacles presented to you are technically puzzles, more often than not you do little to no thinking to progress past them.

That’s not to suggest there aren’t a few moments where you are challenged or tested but these are few and far between, once you know how the world of antechamber works its rules are firmly in place and easy to follow.

At a later stage in your exploration you soon receive a tool that you require to progress. Once you have it you are able to manipulate some more puzzles or situations you couldn’t before and see more than you were originally allowed but this is still no more that a simplistic key.

Antichamber is at is most simplistic no more than an old house full of doors. Nearly all the doors are open to you and those that are not only really require picking up the correct object to open.


Antichamber is a fantastic ride but in creating a world with its own rules it still gives you rules to follow and follow you must. You have a simple and obvious path to follow; it might be a path that goes round in impossible circles and through walls; it’s still a path.

This distinct and diverse experience and is something that should be seen at least once even if you can’t quite grasp or come to grips with everything that’s taking place but it’s not the mental challenge some might expect.

Antichamber is a museum to the abstract, one with interesting, entertaining and enlightening sights and sounds. Relax, take a walk at your own pace and don’t forget to visit the gift shop on your way out