[Indie Review] 2D Voxel Madness – xbox360

[Indie Review] 2D Voxel Madness – xbox360

Jan 15, 2013


Imagine a world, made entirely of blocks, you arrive here looking to build a dream home and with pic axe in hand you step forward to mine for materials and treasure.

But wait! This is no minecraft and if anything the “Voxel” part of the title probably threw you off.

This is instead retro fun feeling 2D Voxel Madness, the sequel to Volchaos by Fun Infused Games an it’s here to twist the expected notions of mining and crafting on their head.  Originally a bit of an April fools day joke the game missed it’s intended release window and went into a slightly deeper and longer development time.

Now I’m a massive fan of both Fun infused games and the original Volchaos, but this is not one of their high points. It’s simple idea and gameplay make for an entertaining romp but there’s no much depth here.

You play as the nameless hero of Volchaos as he mines out blocks to find gems and collect pixels. Now you have access to all the games basic blocks from the start but placing blocks costs pixels. dirt costing 5 but some other blocks might cost 20 or more pixels for example.


So to build the dream house you’re going to need to collect as many pixels as you can. Gems also serve more of a purpose than you might expect. Take them to the shop in the games menu and you can spend them on new block sets and even new weapons or tools. This come in handy when dealing with the range of monsters and ghosts that little the lands you create.

They also go some way to informing you of Fun Infused Games now infamous sense of humor, did someone say wet fish?

The only problem here is that there’s not much to support the good quality gameplay. It lacks the depth of something like minecraft and so doesn’t capture your imagination as much. Also, while the art is still really nice the soundtrack is, grating in this situation. The tracks featured in the original Volchaos appear here but the gameplay is such as to make them repetitive and even a little annoying.Especially during the games creative block placing mode.


There’s nothing strictly bad about the game at all, it’s just not something you can play for very long sittings.


If you want to know more about 2d Voxel Madness or Fun Infused games visit www.funinfused.com

Also fancy getting your hands an a copy of the game? well grab one of these two codes and pop them in your xbox live account before someone else get hold of them. First come first served.

code 2 : P4796-C23GG-RX72P-RTYMW-XMGRY

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexINS4NE Alex Vincent Roy Nagy

    Got a code :D thanks alot guys, you guys rule! like the review aswell, well worth a read, do more reviews soon!

    • http://www.facebook.com/seiibutsu Robin Smith

      we shall. hope you have fun with the game.