[Feature] Gamerdisco Nights

[Feature] Gamerdisco Nights

Nov 29, 2012

After our chat with Loading Bar owner James, us guys at We Are Arcade were hungry for more gamer-friendly environments. This we have found with GamerDisco. What’s that I hear you squeal, a night out for gamers? Yes my friends, it’s true. We caught up with Dave and Nicky from GamerDisco to give you the run-down on the best nights out for gamers in the UK….Give me a D…Give me an I…Give me a…oh, just give me a biscuit and some tunes :-)

Dave and Nicky, where have we heard of you before?
Before rocking the world of videogames we were rocking the world of music. Both in bands, some of which you may have heard of; Me My Head, the Moths, Subliminal Girls and The Fades to name a few. Released records, toured all over and have had songs featured on many radio stations, TV shows etc across the world. Me My Head even have a song in the Test Drive Unlimited 2 video game.

What is Gamerdisco?
GamerDisco is a truly social gaming experience. Bringing music, games, people and booze altogether in the same room to enjoy a night of simultaneous enjoyment.
We try to emulate the days when you would actually play games with friends in the same room and have a laugh with eachother, but now we’re adults we can change the environment to a club or bar with booze rather than your bedroom. Its truly social gaming!

What is the crowd like at your events?
The crowd is extremely varied, we have a wonderful mix of hardcore gamers, casual gamers, music fans, fashionistas and people that just like to drink and socialise in a unique environment. We get people in cosplay, community gaming enthusiasts and DJ’s and musicians.

Who is DJ ROB?
DJ ROB is our resident DJ who smashes out the best tunes to go with a night of gaming. Everything you might imagine from the tunes you listened to when you played games in the past, electro, 8bit, chiptune, gaming and TV themes to modern classics and hip hop.
Do you just do massive events in London, or are you planning on bringing your nights to the rest of the UK?
We’re primiarily based in London but have done events all over the UK. We toured with Nintendo to promote the 3DS and played at some of the summers biggest UK festivals as well as doing one off events in Blackpool with REPLAY and much more.Hopefully in 2013 we will start doing some more nights further afield….. planning a few at the moment actually ;)

With both BBC Radio 1 and Classic FM currently trending video game music, do you think the tunes so instantly recognizable to the ears of gamers is becoming more mainstream and acceptable?

100% we do. I have even mentioned before that I believe a lot of my musical inspiration and influence has come from video game music. The wonderful thing about musical influences is that no matter what you may be inspired by it doesn’t necessarily obviously manifest itself in what you produce, but rather more subtley or subconsciously. People like Jonathan Dunn and Martin Galway from the 8bit days produced some amazing songs and loads of the SNES themes were magical.

What is the perfect setlist?
Too hard to say, with new mixes and tracks being released all the time there just too much to choose from! I’ve been listening to the Black Materia Final Fantasy VII album a lot recent, so some bits from that would definitely be on it!

This is Dave….

For our readers/listeners who have checked out the Loading Bar in Cornwall, do you think it’s only a matter of time before gamer cafes/bars open up across the UK?

Definitely! It’s something we’re avidly interested in doing and trying to help make happen. We’d love to be involved and have often dream t and talked about doing this since we came up with the gaming night idea a few years ago. James Dance is a great guy and he certainly has the right vision for a gaming bar in London, hopefully really soon!

There are, of course, many ‘scenes’ within the nightclub world, do you think Gaming is more inclusive or exclusive than others? Why? Is it because of the diversity of genres or is there something else that makes gamers a little more welcoming?

I think its almost totally exclusive in the nightclub world….. to us! As far as I know no one quite does what GamerDisco does with gaming in the club environment linking the music to the games without being totally chiptune or totally gaming themes. There are some vauguely similar nights, of course, but from I gather the music is not related to the games, which seems a shame really as thats such a big part of why games so special to us is it not? I don’t really want to hear New Jack Swing or Dub Step when I’m playing some Kirby!

…And this is Nicky

When are your next events into 2013 and what should we wear?

There will be many special events next year where we team up with some big name developers and websites to bring some really great gaming and community nights, we are busy planning them as we speak! Dress code….. hmmm maybe I should trick you tell you that everyone comes in mad cosplay all the time…. but, no, Im not that mischievous! Just whatever you feel comfortable in, I do love seeing some really oldskool original gaming t shirts though, its always fun to see what people turn up in.

And for some random questions:
Favourite/best game soundtrack?
Final Fantasy IX or VII – great mix of styles and really catchy.

Depending on mood – favourite tune?
Gaming wise; Treno from FFIX and non gaming…. oh thats a tough one! Maybe something by Broder Daniel.

Colour palette of choice in game graphics (eg. lurid scrolling neons or Fallout greys)
I like a mix, if you look at many of the old RPG’s; Secret of Mana, Zelda, Chrono Trigger ect, they all had such varied pallets and used them to create some amazingly memorable worlds and I think part of that is due to the colour palette used that we still talk of them today. I can’t see people talking about the beauty of Skyrim in 20 years.

The ideal beverage and biscuit combination for an evening’s online play?
Now I (Nicky) am not a fan of online play, its one of the reasons I started a truly social gaming club night but….. if I’m hunkering down for a long session on an RPG I’d have to say Loading Bar Coffee and Biscotti and lots of both!!

For more details and events, check out the GamerDisco page on Facebook and be sure to like.