[Indie Review] XBLIG Roundup November

[Indie Review] XBLIG Roundup November

Nov 18, 2012

Good Grief, we’ve had some slim pickings recently on the XBL Indie section. This fortnight I managed to come across three new releases that were at least playable…to some degree.

Let’s start with the simply beautiful Main Sequence by FremontFidelity . It’s a physics sim, a good one. It’s not much to look at other than simple circles but the gameplay is pretty accurate as far as my brain is concerned. You guide a little metorite/rock through space, absorbing smaller forms and avoiding large rocks. It’s both relaxing and challaging, with 10 main levels. The selected music goes well with the absorbing atmosphere (excuse the pun), so you might want to check out the game credits for more details on where to find the soundtrack. Overall, a good little Indie game that I recommend for a relaxing hour’s play.

Now for something on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, RocketGirl by SoftwarebyEugene. Where do I start? How do I start? What in God’s Green Earth happened to this indie developer’s mind in order to create this game? The gameplay is as follows – by pressing ‘A’, you guide the ‘Rocket Girl’ through a horizontal scrolling screen filled with distractions (which are mainly semi-naked females) with the aimnot to hit the obstructions (which appears to be random blocks). Very Simple. Almost as simple as the only audience for this game – 14 year old boys who have never seen a naked girl and get excited by loud noises and flashing images. That’s all there is to this game. It’s along the same lines of thinking as the awesome Techno Kitty Adventure with the song that will never leave my head, but failed miserably when trying to add in the wrong sort of pussy. The ‘Rocket Girl’ looks like a Danni Minogue/DOA hybrid with impossibly large breasts and a mini skirt, riding a giant tampon. It’s great for mysogynists on acid, I recommend you avoid this game if you are a normal person. (Why do I get the feeling I’ve just presented you with a big red button that states ‘Do Not Press’)

And finally, we have Three Dead Zed by Gentleman Squid. It’s a good solid platform which has been well designed with consistent levels and acceptable gameplay. You are subject ‘Zed’, a zombie thing test subject, completing experiments for the benefit of scientists, using differing zombie forms. It’s a good starter platform for anyone less experienced in the genre, the only fault I could find was that I wish it had better ambient music. Overall, a good, well presented platformer worth the 240 MS points.

Well, that’s it for now, physics, semi naked ladies and zombies, what more do you want for an evening in playing Indie games this week?