[Feature] Broke A String? Don’t Fret

[Feature] Broke A String? Don’t Fret

Apr 13, 2012

After reading Amanda’s post about game music becoming more mainstream I was reminded of my many great memories of some of my favourite music, 8bit tunes and scores from games over the years. There has just been so much awesome stuff from such musically creative minds that it would be impossible not to mention unjustified to name a track ‘best game music evaaaar’.

Besides, that would eliminate the point of music wouldn’t it? Like the traditional art form of brush to paper, music is different things to different people, what I may love you may find annoying, what sends that shiver up your spine may leave me yawning, and so on.

What does strike me as amazing is the community that has risen out of the love for video game music, both original and user mixed/created tracks of all sub-genres and backgrounds, it doesn’t matter where your from…if they like it, they will download.

OCRemix is a prime example of the sort of community I’m talking about, theres just so many people there sharing they’re love for a games score that they love so much, that they’re willing to put the time and effort into creating new themes in order to further enrich their and also other like minded peoples experience. There are so many tracks that I have on my iPod thanks to that dedicated worldwide team of hobbyists and professional music makers, admittedly, there is an awful lot on there that is not to my taste, but thats the beauty of music, someone, somewhere frickin’ loves it!

There is an individual’s work however that just strikes a chord for me, you won’t find him on OCRemix, he’s on iTunes! After stumbling across his videos on Youtube two years ago I’ve been hooked to his stuff ever since, his name is Daniel Tidwell, and he gives my beloved themes a metal makeover that just make me smile, every time.

From Ken’s Street Fighter theme to ‘that’ battle music in Final Fantasy VII, I honestly haven’t heard a track of his that I have skipped past and I heartily recommend his stuff, I bought both his albums day 1 and love them both, check out his channel on Youtube and enjoy.

What are your favourite game tracks? Know any other places or artists with some great stuff? Let us know in the twitter ‘verse or on ‘the wall’.

I leave you with a video of one of Daniel Tidwell’s latest, Megaman X’s Spark Mandrill Stage!