Draw Something? I Prefer Paper.

Draw Something? I Prefer Paper.

Apr 12, 2012

I like doodling. One of my favourite simple apps on my iPad at the moment is the simple yet beautiful ‘Paper’ by FiftyThree. Just sketchbooks, pens and watercolours and I can create to my heart’s content. This is by far the best, cheap/free app I have found for random squiggles, with any creations I might need for work I can easily share with myself. It comes with a calligraphy pen and a few colours, and any additional brushes can be purchased as you need them for the usual 69p. Bargain.

Another ‘drawing’ app I gave into this week was ‘Draw Something’ by omgpop (released a few months ago for both ios and android). It’s basically Pictionary that youplay with your friends through Facebook et al, or play with random strangers that…I’ll come back to the random people later…

I’m currently on a roll on Draw Something with my best friend. She and I used to play a similar game during school (almost 20 years ago), passing random scraps of paper underneath our desks to each other. We know how each other think. We are the kind of best friends who finish each others sentences, and so far neither of us have passed on any of our guesses.

She can guess Van Gogh with ease. We have no problem with ‘snoop’, ‘Atlantis’ or ‘griffin’. We are, however, a little perplexed as to how we have managed to get the word ‘Vader’ over twenty times.

Draw Something is addictive because it is familiar and simple. It’s something that’s slightly silly, pointless and, (if you are an annoying doodler like me), time consuming. I’m not content with drawing a simple outline, I have to include colour, detail and the occasional pun. I can’t draw a simple ‘window’ in a house. No, I have to be irritating and draw wallpaper, curtains and a random flower-in-a-vase…for no reason at all. The unfortunate person playing a turn with me has to wait ten minutes until my drawing is complete.

Unless…I am playing with a random stranger. If you come across me on Draw Something, please don’t do the following, it makes me want to hit you with a heavy object…
1) Don’t just simply write the word. That’s pointless. It also makes me look like an idiot when I think you are being clever and I’m randomly trying to figure out what you mean when you have written ‘coffee’…when the answer is ‘coffee’.
2) Don’t keep drawing random marks…erasing them…more random marks… deleting it…few more random marks in a different colour…erasing them..then WRITING THE BLOODY WORD OUT AGAIN
3) Please don’t play this game if you have no artistic talent whatsoever. I cannot guess the word ‘Elmo’ if you have drawn a tomato.
4) Please don’t play this game late at night when you are clearly drunk…write the word ‘ARSE’ under a giant pair of breasts and expect me to figure out the answer of ‘crowbar’.

I think I will stick to playing with my real friends, they know the local pub references. Other than that, I think the ‘Paper’ app will have a lot more longevity on my iPad, as, at the end of the day, I am doodling for my own pleasure really.