[Anime UK] Japan Trip Special

[Anime UK] Japan Trip Special

Jun 16, 2011

Arcade presents: The Anime UK Podcast, with the SSRS

Hi guys, we are back! First of all, apologies to all for the two weeks of total silence while I was in Tokyo.

This week we bring you a report of what we did there, talk about maid cafes, find out that Jamie’s obsession can reach even greater heights and we ask you, the listeners to suggest various tortures for Tok who was supposed to bring you a cast but couldnt!

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As a special bonus, Jamie (or ‘Aki’ as he is now known!) and I made a little video to get a taste of what Akihabara looks like, and we took a few pictures of the figures he bought.

Im almost over my Jet-lag and looking forward to hearing your comments. Japan was great fun, if you want any travel tips or have any questions please fire away Ill do my very best to answer them.



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    I think Tok would have been tortured just by the Eva watch!

    I’ll have a listen to your podcast later on today. Really cool you took video of Akihabara, I should have done that and I might do that for Akihabara’s little brother (^_~)

    Aki was too cool over the trip; tempted by so many things, waving that book in front of him until he caved (even though he was already struggling for space)! Brought back good memories of “OH CRAP! How do I get ALL this home??”. Now my problem is, “OH CRAP! Where do I store ALL this?”.

    I thought of a good idea to torture Tok, take away his car and make him work longer at Halfords! Steal a wing (funnel, whatever it’s called) from his PG Strike Gundam! Take a leg from another of his Gundam…or to be really mean, give one of his Gundams to Eddie!


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    So finally got round to listening to the Podcast.

    I’m amazed the whole Podcast wasn’t about the Japan trip. There was so much you could have mentioned and talked about, from Ikebukuro, to Chidori-Cho and the AM-PM that is no more…but I guess there is a better time and place for that kind of podcast.

    Completely skipping over the animes (because I haven’t seen any in a looooong time) and onto the last segment, suggestions:
    Gundam would be a cool thing to discuss. Is the UC universe better than Seed, Wing and 00 Universe? Why is Seed so popular in Japan? What’s your favourite universe? Did you buy the GunPla models first or did you watch the anime first? Are you more interested in the GunPla than the story?

    I’ve already covered “how to torture Tok” segment in my previous post.

    I’d like to hear a small segment on the Figures and Gundams etc. that you got from Japan. I mean, you have a picture of the stackers but you don’t mention them. I got myself a Zaku set too. I’m also assuming you didn’t mention a certain purchase because it might be mentioned in the future…the “1000yen off, OMG how am I going to get this onto the Shikansen” purchase.

    Nice Podcast and I enjoyed the Japanese twist to the start of it. Threw me off for a second.


    • page

      The podcast is only so long and we could have talked all night about all the things we did. I wanted to keep things a bit relevant to the theme of the cast so talking about Chidori, AMPM might not have fit. Sorry if it fell a bit short, but its a cast about anime after all!

      Thanks for the suggestions, Perhaps a chat about figures would be good, but its hard to do when you are working with audio not video!

      Looks like a Gundam cast could be on the cards! Thanks for the comments


      • Box

        Yeah, that’s true…just seemed like there was so much to talk about, that’s all.

        I think you could probably do a small video segment now and then on your favourite GunPla/Figure etc. Explain why you like it. It could be a good addition to the podcast to link it back to the anime. You talked about it before with moe in a previous podcast.

        Remember the “bring your favourite anime” night? You could do something similar and chat about what makes your favourite anime your favourite.

        Maybe a topic about where and when you watch anime and maybe why. I know about me, but what about you guys?


  • http://gamersimperium.com Cal

    Great Podcast guys, an even better video XD

    I’m glad you guys had a great time in Japan. When I visit iI’ll be sure to visit a “Maid’s Cafe’ ”

    Also, LOL at you guys carrying a video camera around Japan, I would too though XD I can’t wait to go so thanks for reminding me I haven’t been yet :(

    I would love an episode dedicated to something like; “Darker Than Black” or along that kind of genre.

    My anime of the week is: Ouran High School Host Club. It’s great :)

    Good job guys, don’t make me wait as long for the next one :/ lol

  • totoum

    Well it figures the format would be a little different,it’s not everyday you guys go to japan!

    Abou Maid cafés,I don’t think I’d ever go to one,I can see the fun in it but somewhere in the back of my mind the fact that these girls are paid to be nice to you so all their niceness could maybe be fake,of course I’m just being kind of paranoid,I’m sure if they didn’t enjoy it they wouldn’t do this kind of work (unless its just for the money I guess) but nevertheless the idea that maybe it’s all fake wouldn’t leave my head and prevent me from enjoying it.

    Not into figurines either lol
    So if i went there I’d probably look for animes or mangas that are sure to never get licenced where I am and buy those.

    Also,scared of a 5.6 eathquake?come on!I lived in california a few years and experienced a few of thosenJapan gets quite a few of those every year.Sure in contries that aren’t prepared they can be deadly but somewhere like Japan it’s ok,just a few things to fix here and there.
    Even in the sendai 9.0 earthquake,not saying it didn’t cause damage but most of it wasn’t due to the earthquake but the tsunami that followed.

    But back to anime:
    Havn’t watched dog days or WWW,I’m already watching like 10 animes this season so I’m fully booked and those didn’t catch my interest.Surprised WWW got licenced,doesn’t look like it’s going to sell well over in japan.

    Never got around to watching the eden of the east movies so I’ll leave it up to you guys to tell me if they’re worth it or not.

    As for ways to torture Tok,force him to watch the anime he hates the most,”clockwork orange” style,if you don’t get what I’m talking about I’ll look for a video.

    A trivia question for Aki,it’s in his domain I think,it’s about an old anime I’m watching right now,want to see if he can guess it:
    This anime is considered an ancerter (or one of the first,depends on who you ask) to magical girl animes,what’s sure is that it had the first female action heroine and featured some characteristics,though not all,found in magical girl shows today,such as a sexy transformation sequence.

  • http://reversemoe.wordpress.com roy

    Thanks for the episode, it was a very informative one

    And you don’t have to give Tok(?) any punishment, watching We Without Wings alone is enough punishment to do so :D

    • Page

      …you know, its funny you should say that….


  • Aki

    Yo! Just a quick one as I hate typing on a iPod, thanks for listening guys. Totoum my guess would be sailor moon fighters in silly heels. Really like the first couple of series but got samey very quickly. Useless fact many say that magical girl anime started in 1966 with Sally the witch. If it’s that then were did you get it? Love to have a look.

    • totoum

      Ah yeah,Sally the witch,mine’s a bit after that (i’d love to see it too though!),Sally is late 60s and mine’s early 70s.
      Things like Sally the Witch or a later show like Minky Momo aren’t really action shows.Sailer moon brought that to the table.Mine is more of an ancertor to Sailor Moon.
      It wasn’t really considered Magical girl because:
      -the girl is too old (16,in highschool)
      -the girl is an android so there’s not really any magic involved
      Nevertheless you still have a girl who can transform,can’t tell anyone and has to fight evil.

      So here’s the answer : Cutey Honey
      There’s been lots of versions all of them with the same addictive theme songs,here’s some (not all) of them

      70s version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZTNAhYP2A4&feature=related
      90s version done by the makers of sailor moon,you can tell lol (I really really the first 20 seconds) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMTAhKNTCnw&t=0m20s
      2004 version done by gainax as a tribute to the 70s version,includes really awsome action scenes and plenty of echi as the OP will show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADEkeIRcKAE

      Random SPOILERY Madoka Magica trivia: some wonder if one of the plot twist of Madoka Magica a direct tribute to the fact that the first Magical girl (sally) was a witch.

  • totoum

    Forgot to mention,but I too am a bit of a novice when it comes to gundam so a kind of “beginer’s guide” would be great.
    Also,summer season anime is coming up,maybe it’d be nice to see if you’re looking forward to any shows?

    • Page

      Im putting together a Gundam special, but it might take a while before its broadcast. There is a nice cross section of new anime coming for summer, I have my eye on a very good looking slice of life show. More details will be coming soon!

      • totoum

        I’m also looking forward to a SoL show ,looking forward to seeing if it’s the same one!

  • Smarzotais

    I finally go through all your podcasts and my only complain is that you dont do enough of them.
    For a future podcast, a good question to discuss is how westerners get into anime. This is not a medium that gets a lot of publicity. If anything, it is stigmatized or diminished greatly from what it is. Hopefully it will take the place of the deep otaku question of the week. lol
    Also, in another podcast you guys had someone’s wife talk and it was really interesting hearing an outsiders point of view on all the otaku goodness. Specially, I would like to hear her opinion on all the male-oriented merchandise that I imagine you guys have ( pillows with female characters on them, all the figures posters and what not). After going to Japan I would imagine all your collections increased considerably.
    Finally, if you guys have time it would be awsome if you couod make the podcast a bit more interactive. Maybe make it a live stream with a chat (like this one http://xat.com/web_gear/?cb) so we can talk to you while you are making the podcast. Anyway, just a suggestion it’s still awsome so keep up the good work please.

  • Wearearcade